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Online shopping bags popular list, released on July 8 -14
Some MM busy with work, very little attention to his dressing. Usually go out on the casual kit clothes, would have resulted in inconsistent and boring image. If you think a time is not much change, then every day take the bags out of fashion colors. Recently, the reporter found a practical, stylish bag is becoming a hot commodity online shopping. Han Net Joint the Taobao Data platform launched one week net purchase hot list, this issue we launch the second week of this month (July 8 to July 14) the list of the bags, hoping to bring some reference to your net purchase and help. Overall accounted for a week, the turnover number of analysis, gender analysis: analysis of the age of two, a week turnover number: from the age analysis of transactions this week, at the age of 25 to 29 years old to participate in the number of online shopping accounted for the largest nearly 32 percent, ranking first in the list; the age of 30 to 34 years old, the online shopping population stable income, the bag also needs, accounting for approximately 24% of the share; 35 to 39 years, even though they are online shopping mature group, but in the online shopping into proportion; consumer groups over the age of 40 is obviously insufficient, the bag online shopping needs. A week, the turnover number of selling brand of analysis: from the transaction this week, selling baby as a fashion necessity, Internet users concerned about affordable online shopping addition, or the emphasis on brands and prices. Computer backpack in this week’s online shopping accounted for the largest market share, with the needs of youth are inseparable; Faegre & Benson Casual Mens shoulder bag, OPPO, handbags Korean fashion casual shoulder bag Messenger bag, etc. also have good performance; Kamicy, “florence legendary” full leather shoulder handbag, and other brands are also female Internet users friend’s favorite.
July the second week of China Textile City, luggage accessories sales
The business community July 18 hearing to enter the second week of July, the China Textile City, luggage accessories input goods, cargo light now increased, prices fell last week, part of the premise of the majority of decline in value. Week, the textile industry in the off-season in-depth, and off when the front-weaving factory to continue production and inventory are generally small, only 63D210T class “polyester taffeta fabric is relatively more than other varieties, . One week printing and dyeing factory emission limitation reasons, fewer and fewer, and even market the off-season sales are difficult to meet, used chanel bags for sale. Different outputs at the same time one week due to 63D210T class “Taffeta” manufacturers, fabric than other varieties, the market by processing difficulties, the single failed to transactions sent, so the market 210T dyeing finished luggage accessories decline of , compared with the previous 2.70 yuan / m price decline of 0.20 yuan / m, the majority of the asking price to sell 2.50 yuan / m, some shipments faster or piecemeal batch, less than 2.50 yuan / m turnover, chanel handbags shop online. One week 75D Bright FDY × 100DTY five satin fabric and finished each with a small amount of cash, not timely delivered a single, more business loss, so the fabric and finished a week two decline in value is also relatively large price declines. Week-fabric production as a whole more than last week, and then Road, printing and dyeing limit, where the bags, accessories “eight satin, satin satin, beautiful silk, lightweight spinning” from fabric to finished products of different varieties almost all the decline in value, but this year less than the same period of previous years due to the volume, while a large number of single and more is rejected, so most of its losses this week is still small. The second week of July, the overall turnover of the conventional market of China Textile City of cloth, Oxford cloth bags and lining composite cloths, woven pongee, summer chiffon class pouch, cloth, and other various types of filament woven polyester fdy dty main accessories cloth bags inside the filament, the total volume of approximately 190,000 m 170,000 m 160,000 m 190,000 m 210,000 m 240,000 m 230,000 m a week, accumulated turnover of the various types of filament bags where accessories nearly 1, million meters of cloth last week, the recent 1.5 million m stable and downs.

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