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Carefully selected wedding dishes Raiders
Introduction: The hotel offers a variety of wedding packages, be sure to let you dazzled, looked at all of them are very festive dish name, really not sure which one is genuine. Moreover, to reach difficult to tune, how the food to eat-for-dish, in order to hosts and the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves just right? 1, see the component is usually the hotel wedding prices are often higher than the price to entertain friends for dinner to your many, so many new people would think: a price of a cargo, expensive, and certainly the addition of and good. In actual fact, think about it, how many times a wedding banquet to come back do not need to fix a meal supper? The reason is simple: the wedding dish with most unworthy of staple food in accordance with the calculated for 10 people, the Wedding Central Standing Committee to increase plus, not to mention most of the wedding, which makes the guests how to eat it? Therefore, in the set of dishes, you should first component adjusted to the amount of 11-12 people, to achieve a per capita a main course and then +2 standard, if single copies of the aquatic products, you should let the hotel take care of each table the waiter, as per table to the seat number to adjust the serving amount. In addition, appropriate to increase the number of snacks, such as with a sweet snack and a salty snack, allow guests at the banquet final satiety. Tips. If it feels the hotel offers a number of dishes Road is not enough, the total price has been high, it might be more expensive on the menu dish demolished replaced with less expensive two-course, in the case to ensure that the dishes overall grade, multi- demolition of a few dishes can also be able to meet basic food requirements not to raise fares increase; many hotels will be provided free drinks, and allows comes aquatic only closing fees of the services in advance to ask, especially since the with the original material, definitely make the guests eat and eat good; three traditional big dish on the table, may wish to arrange attendant for guests Dining, and some of the dishes for eating system also allows the chef in the cooking sub-human food, in order to avoid the dishes stacked on the desktop, guests enjoy less than a few dishes. 2, to see the name on the varieties of wedding menu may great variety, such as take off together, lovely baby, many couples are often directed at it was pleasing to what to choose, in fact, the most important side dishes is to look at the dishes varieties rather than a a better name. For example, from raw materials, Chinese wedding large: chicken, duck, fish, hoof Bang essential, in recent years, more of an unwritten rule, every table need to be significant with the seafood side of the appropriate channel number the grade of the wedding, such as Australian lobster, scallops, abalone, etc., from fancy, say, six to eight cold dishes, ten more than hot soup, snacks, fruit indispensable. Therefore, the couple to determine the menu, the first number of these basic conditions are met, followed with other dishes based on personal preferences. Tips. In determining the menu, may request the hotel side re-adjust the name to ensure that each dish allows guests to reach double the enjoyment of the visual taste new dishes; 2 side dishes to pay attention to local customs, to avoid the taboo. For example, in some ethnic minority areas, need to take into account the suitability of pigs, sheep and other dishes; the habit of respect for each guest to provide the most intimate dish services. Lacking in vegetarian and health reasons need special side dishes the guests in the guests, ask in advance Taboo, arrange hotel features dishes. 3, the see tastes hotel offers wedding menu, often provided for each price at least A, B, in duplicate packages, each package representing a different taste, different approaches, such as Cantonese, Sichuan, Shanghainese, etc. first consider what kind of cuisine popular not busy, after all, difficult to reach, it is difficult all the guests like a cuisine, and at the same time, after the demolition of the previous rounds of vegetables for food, some of the dishes would have long been invisible to determine. Therefore, it may be in the circumstances determined by the basic dishes, into a variety of flavors, practices regulated. Flavors, such as braised dishes, add some boiled, put the soup dishes, each table can have a quarter to one-third of the dishes put hot, the rest mainly to mass tastes. Tips. 1 If there is enough time to arrange a tasting dish. Bring both parents, as well as the wedding day to help a friend, to cobble together a table, the first taste the taste of the wedding dishes, so that the hotel kitchen after adjustment; according to the wedding venue, the guests crowd to determine the cuisine theme cuisine, the vast majority of guests to ensure that the dishes can be accepted; advance to inquire about the main wedding hotel cuisine, the most acclaimed dishes, incorporated into the menu.
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