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Very feminine, beautiful bride hair

Very feminine, beautiful bride hair
Lead: a perfect match of hair with a beautiful wedding dress, of course, is the focus of the wedding from scratch yarn, traditional crown to modern hair accessories. Variety of type as the big day, on different occasions was charismatic. Fashion queen Trendy Queen from half of the plate with long hair, half hanging Half up-half down, the prevalence of the Anglo-American bride hair, this hair style is very simple, but also on the forehead near match the unique shape of the hair accessories, such as glistening jewelry series, you can highlight the mind, to enhance the hair fashion degree. With the wedding dress or cheongsam, pure and elegant pearl headdress will make the bride look more attractive. In general, pearl hair accessories with silk, chiffon wedding dress is more appropriate. Feminine hairstyle feminine hair accessories recommended MY SEXY LADY soft hair has always been seen as a symbol of femininity and beauty, fresh and soft wavy hair is a popular autumn and winter this year’s bridal modeling, the main emphasis on the female soft feeling. The soft wavy hair is the focus of the hair, with exquisite hair ornaments, simple and monotonous. Can be made into a bun, simple overall combed comb method with little fluffy elastic side bangs do not get too close to the scalp, and make more three-dimensional shape. Elegant camp favorite elegant bride modeling distributed decorated recommended ELEGANT BRIDE Beatles yarn must be combined with the disk from the hair, modeling there are many ways you can choose: hair high beam from the veil do not in the hair spread out below; can cover the bun on top of the veil covered the entire head; or veil can be placed in the position of the moderate. White veil, the bride is full of mystery and holy sense, coupled with simple but full of the beauty of the hair is eternal and evergreen hairstyles can also show the noble temperament, side Fang Daya. Traditional, neat, high-fat dish, or fluffy retro plate made with the traditional crown accessories, or in the rear of the bottom with a small flower decoration. Any simple and casual style, with natural, fresh decoration, will be preferred. The classic princess hair style headdress to recommend VINTAGE PRINCESS headband every day to wear headgear during the wedding ceremony can show their gorgeous unusual. Is set with crystal and pearl headband, easy to use, and can add to the feeling of maturity. The headband is very suitable for the use of short-haired bride. The long-haired girls of course also be able to use, it can put on your forehead, the hair all fixed up, you can highlight the curve of your face. Hair Styles in Occasions text: Amelie Au photography (model): Simon C rstyling: Eric Chow (Xenter Jut) model: Maria L. (Dreamodels) special thanks to I Do for perfect location, Estée Lauder for makeup and Solomon Bloemen bespoke the floral design for the lovely bouquet
The ultimate beautiful constellation bride charm wedding dress selection tips
12 constellation of the bride, has a different charm and characteristics, so they like the wedding will be different. Face an array of different styles and style wedding, full of the heart to be married, how should I choose? Aries Aries personality is naive, overly complicated style is not appropriate for them, will cover up the temperament of Aries cute without doing. The style is fresh, cut a simple waist style white silk, make Aries bride fully demonstrated its lovely character, matched with simple jewelry, to create the shape of man shines.
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