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My holly wholesale experience summary – [jeans]
Copyright: Reprinted marked the form of hyperlinks original source of article and author information and this statement of our company to engage in wholesale fashion and ultimately, to run a few large wholesale market, open stalls Ends seven Pu Road, the recent run up to holly and Yiwu. Taobao novice sellers are not going to purchase but holly and do a lot of homework, finishing some holly Raiders of the purchase, in this and share with you, I hope to help those ready to go to holly into fashion. PS: This ride holly wholesale market or in the train near the city of war, old holly, not Jiubao the new holly, we have to clear. Chapeau, said the most considerate of the stock market one must go early! We all know that the holly leaf door as early as this is the commonality of the wholesale market. But far away from the market or too lazy to Su from, to the market not earlier, this hour to fill replenishment, can not take the new as far as possible Do not take the wholesalers said to take the prices of goods are all false, you risked his life to be cut down and the price has not yet morning shouting people's lowest. Hour market in the morning the scene is very hot, my friend's parents in the holly leaf, morning or four o'clock it and vegetable market. Homemade hot styles piled in the booth, store the MM not attend to see you getting goods to report Nett, according to still the United States, my holly wholesale experience, the novice takes the goods or as little worry huh, huh. 2, shop around. Holly market is very rich variety of goods, the same goods can often be found in different stalls, the price, but far worse, especially in the foreign trade zone and the old market. A lot of people kind of misunderstanding, small through whom a nasal spray recommended, feeling the foreign trade zone goods high prices certainly something better. In fact, not! A lot of goods in foreign trade zones can be found in the old market, such as the $ 80 of clothing may be in the old market on the award of 50, the same things, Fuzhou Inventory Fashion Wholesale. Foreign Trade Zone booth is in the old market to take the goods, and people certainly have to earn it. So optimistic about a clothes do not rush to the next one Oh, the rounds is the truth. (3), the attitude of the wholesalers to shop more and more Ay, this is a change for many Taobao store, ice cream, joining recommendation. I used to see the posts that do not tell the wholesalers own shop, people will feel that you can not carry a few pieces of cargo to the high prices. Nothing more than very different, and some wholesalers understanding, we have invented their shop customers is still a lot of underwear store to join, and from their reaction, "the shop shipments great. Indeed, network sales increasing prosperity, even our factories have had in Ali, Taobao looking for customers, not to mention distribution wholesalers. And some material board heard that you do shop will let you bring a camera to shoot on the things they store, because they have long been accustomed, the market has changed them, of course, to really understand expedient. In their hearts, storefronts are puerile, it is worth the long-term partners. His last visit to precisely see a wholesale T-shirt shops invite a seller into the warehouse selected goods, new goods to take less, fashion stores to join recommendation. See the new always can not help but take home, but must pay attention to the first to take less. Do not listen to the wholesaler commitment to you tune the class of models modem tone color. At this point, the wholesaler of holly is indeed difficult to do in place, usually to do hair to sell to exhaustion, they would have been too lazy to go to the rationale for the aftermarket, especially in view of new customers. In fact, our manufacturers are to support the replacement. Many beginners often guilty of getting goods when an error? To take full-color, the colors all able to meet the different requirements of buyers. In fact, sell the color from the root, are concentrated in the black and white wild color, when you again and again in different colors to get back tune into the main color of the face of the stores will be getting worse; but conversely, if you first just take the main color, after once again replenishment to stores impression of you will be getting better and better. 5 to your shopping guide Miss recommended in the explosion models and stores selling my home sell out of stock! "Class of models, quality men to join the venture to recommend, if you like it buy it, if you do not see only the views of others around you, you absolutely do not want to buy. These goods are basically large amount of defects and more, there are some ugly simply a slow-moving models. Buy a home these explosion models regret or regret. Come talk 1 bus lines go to a small four shuttle, the Korean version of women's wholesale recommended, not only the familiar Explorer pond get off cool attachment of women joining the holly leaf characteristics of a street is Hang the sea on the road a lot of shuttle station, but the most convenient Explorer pond to get off from the train station, seating 39 – of the left hand side after the outbound, 2 stops to Explorer pond. Other routes, I will not say everyone starting place is not the same, the major capital will fashion wholesale market, the following is Explorer Tong's bus. The K618 39/K39 K101 K210 the 14/K14 29/K29 K515 K649 K520 K352 K522 K517 K106 K105 34/K34 K351 K525 K520 (interval) K517 (interval) and K515 (interval) K64 market, a deep impression on the overpass following Hangzhou faction and the stars, two are side by side together. New Hang camp style is casual fine women, there are many Japanese and Korean style clothes, affordable section electric furnace, a second floor of many homes are worth the stroll. Star price is lower-middle, there are many outside the single tee-made jeans, those outside the single posts big Oh, I see HM ah, only ~ ~ star is scouring homemade goods a good place, and the new Hang send star shop every decoration is very simple, few elaborately decorated, things are piling on the shelf, choose Guangzhou Po bean food, O risk score your rich dream. The star is small, on the second floor do not have time to go, according to the Korean version of fashion, still the United States 9, the first floor of the good things are relatively concentrated. We more than got the idea to go shopping, you can find out inexpensive goods. Jiuxing, Jiuxing do older foreign trade market, than be regarded as the big brother of the faction with the stars, new Hangzhou, when it can humble facade, is the old cucumber brush masking, which is no where to go. I really like the the Jiuxing door selling carts and lv fashion bags shop, the lack of dress mm can take this set to add Oh! Sell hanger model. Nakasu is also a must, the most prominent style of clothes the most exclusive and most beautiful of Nakasu, if you go, you will regret white smashed so many talents at the mall, because inside the clothes not only quality and shopping malls goods Bimei The style is nice and more than doubled. Of course, the price of clothes so a little self-made than the counter goods. Third floor fourth floor there is a lot of Korean goods, is said to be South Korea brought the hour of the morning getting goods, three on the fourth floor to deposit the package inside the new piled on the floor, many people grab the clothes on the floor, Guangdong Korean clothing wholesale, wholesale market, address, and the scene is very strong indecent ~ ~ it is estimated that you see such a strong indecent tragic scene in a small four market. Whether South Korea into the straight I do not know, I even want to go shopping are crowded not go. Nothing more than the clothes is really beautiful. Today in History: casual clothing brand? 2011-04-29 Chinese and foreign cultures rambling 2011-04-29] LEE: Description of personality, the cool advertising models code, identify the authenticity of 2011-04 -29lee jeans price is actually not that expensive 2011-04-29] washed jeans 2011-04-29uk evening dresses wedding and evening dresses

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