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Read the Sword of the people of the novel into the next * – [Jixi City
Copyright: the form of hyperlinks to identify the original source and author information in the article and the statement to read novels, or see "God decadent! This book is very evil!! Anyway, I like to see is I like to see one of the book! Ma Tiansheng silently bullet into his jacket pocket, and then went straight out of the living room. A careful soldiers found the pale horse, political commissar of the moment he turned, his eyes competition came a hint of tears. Two days later a night, Tian Yu in prison for attempted since. To this end guards was severely reprimanded, they never did figure out piece of a small insurance blade is how to escape the strict search into the prison. The guards privately, saying, this woman is prepared to do to die came to the prison, she did not intend to get out alive. To see that the wound on her wrist, cuts like a child's mouth, Pen Pen, this woman really was to go hand … guards from Tian's relics found a sheet of paper, which is the prison authorities to give her a written account of material the. This stationery was immediately sent to Ma Tiansheng's desk, that the above and scribbled a Southern Song Dynasty, Chen Yi Lin Jiangxian: Yi Xi afternoon bridge bridge to drink, the seat in the multi-ho English. Long ditch flow months to go silent. Apricot Sparse, Piper to the dawn. More than 20 years like a dream, this body is scared in Kansas. Free Deng Xiao Ge look at the new clear. Number of things past, fishing sang three shifts. Ma Tiansheng silently watched for a long time, and always without a word. Li Yunlong, reclining on the sofa, his eyes wide open also appears Chensi, Browning pistol on the floor, the air hazy with thick gunpowder child, a ray of blood coming down from his left cheek, like a red gurgling brook flowing, dyed his badges sinking golden star … Ma Tiansheng almost did not hesitate a stride he rushed to the wall before quickly dug up the sinking warheads, carefully looked at, Li Yunlong was right, that the warhead is really out of shape, his skull is really hard … Chu Yunfei and Li Yunlong last met? one other home for forty years, the hometown of all seems like yesterday, far He seemed to see outlined steep silhouette against the background of blue sky and white clouds, black and purple in the Dabie Mountains peak Diamond Terrace, stands above the castle, showing the circle of majestic rough outline, the hometown of the mountain gradually diffuse from the blue mist, tall pines and cypresses, Huai Yang, chestnut twig stabbing the sky, and villages, temples, water tankers, pass virtual illusory magic fog Lan shrouded … Soul homeland, should be the most beautiful life is the ultimate, high-ranking officials and generous , and even vigorous career, not as good as nature's gift and warm atmosphere. Soul homeland, his later years, dream of dreams. Hundreds of thousands of children of the Dabie Mountains are back, and he of course have to go back, it is home. . How many times in his "Ancient Place Names Dictionary to find hometown … Northridge in Hubei and Henan between, said the Dabieshan. JAC between the Great Dividing Range. Zhou and Qin Dynasties of Ming. This chisel mountain channel more than seventy years. Ping-Han Railway adoption. West Hubei Ying Shan County. East Henan Mall, Luotian Anhui Huo, Huoshan Morogata, Old set to pass thirteen shut …… since ancient times, the Civil War, constant as the re-insurance. He came down leaning on stair railing, and slowly got into the sofa, pick up the phone called the Ma Tiansheng office: "I am Li Yunlong, and now in my house … There is nothing strange, I know you are four searching for me, how did not I think to see them on my home? you probably only care about the net at the station terminal, right? It seems your mind is not very flexible. tell the truth, the military handed over to you I really did not trust. Well, you come on, let's talk about Bijing worked a thing. remember only allow you into my door, armed soldiers are not allowed to come in, have a gun in my hand, you Ma Tiansheng a bit of conscience, do not let young soldiers to unnecessary casualties., come on, I'll wait for you, "he hung up the phone, he sat being the door on the sofa backs very straight, two knee slightly apart, broken left arm hanging naturally at your left leg, he closed his eyes. Li Yunlong, and shake her head, ease some of the tone: "You listen to a soldier in the melee enemies head cut off, but he must not be insulted, soldiers can die, but never lose their dignity, and you I want to hide, over the past few years the lingering day, I consider, out of kindness, also Li Yunlong insult, so I live like a zombie. to do so, I can only think that is who and Lee hatred, is not what good intentions you understand? men come and go naked, alive to live out a personal kind, die like Tiao Hanzi, why do you want me to learn the faint-hearted? bad I I. reputation? "Li Yunlong clumsy pistol re-assembled the top put a bullet into the chamber, he carefully stroked the bark of the Barrel Blue, grips gradually warm up in the palm of his hand, it seems to spirituality. He said to himself, said: "lifetime gun play, and finally left this branch of gadgets, this is simply not the gun, is twat children play with the toys." Section of Peng and three to stand at attention attitude on the side watching Li Yunlong, they had no clear idea commander what to do. Time goes by in a banknote, they are veterans, I understand very well, the longer the time delay here, the greater the risk, but none of them speak, in the face gradually forced into the dangerous, they face no fear to firmly stood. Li Yunlong, died a few months later, the Sino-Soviet border war broke out in the Treasure Island area, the whole world eyes are on this in the County of Heilongjiang Hulin, the Ussuri River main channel centerline on the Chinese side, with an area of ​​only 0.74 square kilometers. the island, the two have intimate the army of the socialist countries in the region carried out a limited border war. In the battle, the soldiers of both sides have shown a high degree of patriotism and not afraid to sacrifice the daredevil attitude. Kong Jie, general command of the heavy artillery groups and the Soviet artillery fierce fighting for several days. Is served, Colonel Leonov, Soviet than a gold border terminus wartime commander Lieutenant Colonel Yang Xin, a total owners Yindanshenwang. After the battle, Kong Jie, General in the operations room to sit alone for a long time, he remembered a dozen years ago, Nanjing Military Academy, Ding Wei, General paper, the idea of ​​his reorganization of the strategic pattern, strategic predictability. Then think of Li Yunlong, an old ally of premature death, Kong Jie generals can not help but tears aspect, difficult to restrain … Yes, I have only seen the TV series, the results of the TV series to meet them, the novel I did not see Oh ~ ~ Then, after two decades, the city has changed a lot. Pro waterfront a Gothic front, to a group of middle-aged men and women in uniform, they rang the bell. Taiwan businessmen to invest in the mainland is the owner of the small building, he had served in the military to recognize the rank of, he found that these soldiers are not low rank, including a Major General, the rest are senior colonel, colonel. The soldiers politely request said that they had spent his childhood in this small building; specially came from all the return visit, I wonder if the owner can meet their requests. Ma Tiansheng face designate contingent become like a blank sheet of paper, he exclaimed: "Li Yunlong, you do not shoot …" He risked his life to pounce want their guns in the past. "A pair of one bullet hit the the the Ma Tiansheng feet on the floor, only an inch away from his toes, Ma Tiansheng froze, he desperately shouted:" talk of the town, do not impulse, you so, it could be done a bit too much in some respects, we talk about … "Li Yunlong looked scornfully at him, it seems that too lazy to speak, his index finger suddenly pulled the trigger …… think of here Yunlong gently smiled up, everyone look back on life, who does not regret it? had either participated in the Red Army, he Yunlong guarding the home, two acres of thin, is not toward heaven and earth to dig and eat in the earth? may out of the Dabie Mountains step to the grave, then he did not know to live in a round on Earth, I thought of a flat earth like a piece of dough with the chopping board, while the remote provincial capital is the center of the earth. Silly enough to be. When he first saw the aircraft anti-siege, the KMT old-fashioned biplane dive strafing aircraft, he is stupid just stood there asked: "monitor, this big bird on ye?" Li Yunlong slowly up the stairs, leaning on the stair railing and pulled out a purple cloth box from the bedroom closet, he opened the box, issued in 1955 when the People's Liberation Army endowed generals dress, it is said that this body dress the countries of the socialist camp to help busy, in some countries to the material, some countries responsible for the processing of badges and buttons like small objects, Li Yunlong mode touch the flower collar and cuffs above the golden pine, pinecone pattern, a pair of dress calfskin boots to match the waist elastic mouth style, generals and lieutenant-colonel of the boots slightly different generals boots boots head flat, pointed, very smooth lines, this tiny difference that the People's Liberation Army in 1955 formality and strict hierarchies. Li Yunlong, very difficult to take off the old uniforms were stained with blood, and slowly put on a set of outdated general dress, I thought of was endowed when he and Ding Wei et al. Too few to rank too low intentionally to make trouble in the past, could not help but gently laughing. Had never been seen or young. Put on a dress, and from a small box lined pocket to take out the three golden medals, he perused the three medals, warm heart. August Red Star pattern the two eighty-one Medal is awarded in the 10-year Agrarian Revolutionary War served as the commander of the regiment level. Yan'an Pagoda Hill pattern of two Independent Medal of Freedom is awarded to the War of Resistance Against Japan as over the Eighth Route Army and New Fourth Army, the regimental level commanders. Tiananmen Square pattern of a Liberation Medal granted above the corps level commanders as the war of liberation. These three medals are extremely beautiful, from the design to the foundry, above, plated with pure gold, in very bright light, concentrate on these three medals from the barren mountain valley bloody flame and gradually stronger army of course, concentrated Li Yunlong, personal history and records of the battle fight. The Medal on the right chest of the dress to wear along the cap decorated with gold hat braid, facing the full-length mirror to see, in the end it is a dress, wear it, people become radiant, full-length mirror, an octahedral imposing general, one armored cavalry, swallowing air miles like a tiger spirit, yellow badges on a hard, sinking, gold will star shining in the light that shines ……… "This year, adjacent to China, Japan and later known as the "Asian Tigers" of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea Show are moving from the increasingly plump feather Hebei start later astonished the world economy took off. leave a bouquet of flowers … they leave, bouquet of their names put on without any signature, just do a Venus, because of longstanding, the plated layer of Venus has been oxidized to fade, darken the majority of people do not know why things are only a few retired old retired soldiers to see this thing, can not help tears, en boo endless, and the old people tell young people, on behalf of the rank of General in 1955 when the People's Liberation Army endowed the star … At this point, in this noisy, chaotic Earth , only a minority of human intelligence through heavy fog the cellar intellectual vision, foresaw in the near future, a new industrial revolution sweeping the globe. human and social, political and economic power structure will follow caused by the changes. this comprehensive scientific theory of quantum electronics, information theory, molecular biology theory, marine engineering, nuclear science, ecology and space science to develop new industrial wave to make human beings from entering the glorious era of not only so, we must profoundly change people rely on action and life skills information structure. change the human think, predict actions the consequences of methods, changing the role of literacy in their lives, and even change their own brain to the material composition and chemical properties. 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